Book Progress 2017 June 27

The book is progressing nicely. Lately, I’ve been photographing the collection. At first, I thought I’d photograph against white, knock that out in post, and lay out each item with no background in the book. But I much prefer photographing with a light gray background, made by controlling the lighting.

On a related topic, a friend told me about a new cartoon that I’d somehow missed. Justice League Action was released on December 16, 2016, as a 43 minute episode. Successive episodes have been 11 minutes long. I bought the entire season on iTunes.

A recent one, Garden of Evil, (episode 22) featured Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing. Written by Paul Dini and full of nice homages to the comic world, even to Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff. I couldn’t help but notice how this scene from the episode


looks a lot like this one from 1992’s, Batman: The Animated Adventures.

Mission Viejo, Poison Ivy

Note: the images, characters, and names are all the property of their respective owners. Both Justice League Action and Batman: The Animated Adventures are © and/or ® and/or ™ of Warner Bros and/or DC Comics. The images posted here are included as part of this review.

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